Ruthie - After

Ruthie's hair was really boring and stuck flat to her head with no shape or movement.  I took it close around the perimeter, gradually getting longer as I worked up towards the crown, keeping the front long.  From the crown about 4" getting gradually closer to the nape about 1/4" and keeping the hairline soft and wispy.  I then shattered the ends with texturising blades to create a soft, spiky finish with a wispy perimeter.  

Her colour was previously bleached but had gone yellow so I simply re-bleached it and used a violet toner to neutralise the yellow.

Brandy - After

This is one of my favourite haircuts.  The bob is timeless and versatile and suited for everyone.  I used the same technique that I used on Jodi in the video so you can see how versatile this technique is.  You can use it in many variations to create a look for a gorgeous layered bob to suit everyone.

Brandy's colour was flat and dull so I used a semi permanent with a gloss for depth and shine.  Where she had previous bleach, I weaved some out, using it to my advantage and added a deep red so as to make it pop.

Brittany - After

Brittany, what can I say, if only all of our clients had a face and head shape like this, our jobs would be so easy.  I started at the temple using the crescent technique in my video.  This time I only used two fingers in order to leave softness in front of the ear.  Then, starting at the crown approximately 5" down to the ear, not cutting into the perimeter of what I created in my crescent shape.  From the crown, moving to the front hairline taking out bulk and framing the face.  Continuing from the crown to the nape, gradually getting shorter to about 1".  I then went through the entire haircut with weaving and thinning blades, shattering all the ends for softness.

Brittany had no previous colour but was lacking depth.  I used a level 4 warm brown semi-permanent to give it depth and shine.

Danyel - After

This haircut was so much fun.  Danyel said to me, do what you want but make sure it's punky and rockstar like.  To achieve this, I decided to take full advantage and didn't use regular blades, only weaving and thinning blades throughout the full haircut.  Starting down the centre of the head, from the front hairline to the crown then pulling up to centre and blending down through the temple in front of her ear.  Then from the crown to the nape working through so as to leave it looking like all the ends had been torn off.  I went deeper in some areas to create an unconventional shape and finish.

For Danyel's colour, because I was going for a fashion look, I decided to do a level 1 semi-permanent.

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